WP5: Flight Tests

WP Leader: Dassault Aviation (DASSAV)

Within the framework of the RUMBLE project real flight tests are performed, mainly for meeting the two following objectives:

  • Elaborate an experimental database to validate sonic boom prediction;
  • Perform a flight test program using an existing supersonic aircraft (Su-30) to validate the flight procedures, instrumentation and post processing of the test data.

This particular Work Package provides a lot of information to the project throughout the flight tests due to the real time measurements and the collected data processing.

To this end, two flight campaigns are performed and the Work Package includes the collaboration of the EU and Russian Teams. Its structure consists of the following tasks and sub-tasks:

  • Task 5.1: Preliminary Flight test: 1st Campaign (Existing supersonic aircraft)
    • Subtask 5.1.1: Flight test program (EU/RUS)
    • Subtask 5.1.2: Flight Test Campaign (RUS with EU witnessing) items
    • Subtask 5.1.3: Post Processing of flight test data items
  • Task 5.2: Flight test to rehearse certification procedures: 2nd Campaign (Existing supersonic aircraft)
    • Subtask 5.2.1: Flight test program (EU/RUS)
    • Subtask 5.2.2: Flight Test Campaign (RUS with EU witnessing)
    • Subtask 5.2.3: Post Processing of flight test data items
  • Task 5.3: Validation of the test procedure (Test team point of view)
    • Subtask 5.3.1: Flight procedures validation items
    • Subtask 5.3.2: Instrumentation validation items
    • Subtask 5.3.3: Synthesis and recommendation items

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769896.

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