WP8: Project Management

WP Leader: Airbus SAS (AGI - F)

The overall objective of WP8 is to manage the ambitious and innovative work carried out in the RUMBLE project, to secure the prompt initiation and smooth running of the project’s activities, the within time and budget production of all deliverables and milestones, and the successful achievements of all targeted goals. More specifically, WP8 objectives include:

  • To act as the main interface between the EC and the consortium;
  • To ensure that the activities in each of the different work packages (tasks, deliverables and milestones) are carried out in line within the agreed budget and time;
  • To minimize risks and accordingly developing contingency plans and corrective actions;
  • To manage all financial transactions and closely monitoring individual partner situations;
  • To deliver a password-protected virtual collaboration platform, so as to coordinate and facilitate partner interaction and communication;
  • To organize remote (e.g. teleconference) and face-to-face meetings, in order to monitor and control project progress and outputs, and take the appropriate corrective actions;
  • To provide support and resolution of conflicts with regards to the IPR management, in collaboration with the Dissemination and Exploitation Manager;
  • The scientific management of the RTD objectives and the financial coordination.

WP8 structure includes the collaboration between Airbus SAS (WP Leader), EASN and TsAGI in the following tasks:

  • Task 8.1: General Project Coordination
  • Task 8.2: Financial Management
  • Task 8.3: Administrative Coordination

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769896.

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