Expected Impact

The primary outcomes of RUMBLE will be societal and environmental, as it will provide the necessary data and procedure for a future, internationally-agreed standard on low sonic boom supersonic flights overland. This standard will help protect the European citizens' quality of life by guaranteeing, in agreement with ICAO general resolution 33-7, that no unacceptable situation is created by supersonic commercial flights.

RUMBLE's ambition is to feed in a joint endeavour the regulatory authorities at National (such as DGAC), European (EASA) and International level (United Nations' International Civil Aviation Organization) with the data relevant for the European citizen.

A serious of pressure waves are compressed and eventually merge into a single shock wave which travels at the speed of sound. When this wave crosses people’s location on the ground, they hear a boom that resembles an explosion.

Regarding the economic impact, the RUMBLE contribution to the standard elaboration should protect European industry from having to comply with a rule based only on US data, which could induce a “regulation-based” monopoly over the future market of supersonic jets. Hence, European players keep the possibility to enter the future market for civil supersonic jets, with the promises of associated benefits for the EU employment and overall economy.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769896.

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